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What do we do?


Nfinity designs its products for the female athlete who wants and believes she deserves better. We are the only brand with a primary focus on creating high performance and lightweight athletic footwear specifically and exclusively for female athletes. Nfinity invests its time and effort in designing shoes for a group of athletes who are fighting for the recognition they deserve. Inspired by the level of athleticism and sacrifice that female athletes put into their sport, we strive to provide them with high-performance products designed specifically for their needs. By addressing the unique biomechanical needs of the female athlete, we can enhance her athletic performance with the ultimate goal of helping reduce the risk of injury.


One thing you will notice about our products is the attention to detail and careful design. Everything we create is for our unique client, from the way it is formed to the way it moves. We spend a lot of time developing high-performance fabrics and materials that outperform our competitors, all without sacrificing fashion. We are passionate about making a big difference in the lives of female athletes and it shows in our products.


We are a team of marketing specialists who approach all aspects of our business through the lens of seven core values; attributes that we believe result in not only a better product, but also a better company.


Our values


Brand above all



Impeccable with our word


The Experience – Constantly striving to improve the brand with the overall Nfinity experience.

Nfinity employees represent the brand at all times, whether it is interacting with a customer, a co-worker or on social media.

Rocky: fearless, relentless, passionate, dedicated, train harder, enterprising.