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Having the right uniform, backpack and accessory has a major impact on your brand. It affects the level of confidence of your athletes and the perception that other people have of you on the competition track.

Let Rebel and Zer0 design a winning uniform just for you!

Every year, Rebel challenges its fashion designers to break the preconceived limits of all star uniform possibilities. We do this to spark creativity and show what CAN BE done. So when you see a quirky pop-art-inspired uniform completely covered in glass, you'll know that when we say, “If you can dream it, we can design it and bring it to life,” we mean it.


Because we produce offshore, we are able to offer highly unique, intricate and beautifully customized products at a very competitive price. The manual work and details that accompany her uniform or warm-up result in a true garment of luxurious cheer, the first of its kind.

We have access to the newest overseas fabric, embroidery, trimming and printing technologies at prices that are simply not profitable when produced in the

  1. USA

We pass those technologies on to you in the form of a more exclusive, more ornate and avant-garde uniform at the same or lower price, without compromising on quality.

"Our price is the price" and we do not charge for letter or logo, for glass filling, for embroidery layer, etc ... that's enough to drive you crazy.

In fact, the more intricate, detailed, and striking your design, the more our price will surprise you.

We never examine in-stock items (not even t-shirts or practice wear)… everything is made to order. We don't even store items in stock. When you order from us, you can be sure that your design is unique and you get exceptional value.

We have literally hundreds of fabric color options to choose from. No matter how dark or different your color request is… we probably have it.

Workout Clothes & Accessories

Rebel's fashion designers came up with every sports bra, tank top, leggings, capri and compression shorts you'll see on the following pages, overseeing the entire creation process.

Your process usually begins with sketches or computer-aided design programs, followed by fabric selection and prototyping. We provide a free automated prototype for each Rebel practice clothing customer with an order of 75 Sets or more. Customers with less than 75 Sets can also request a sample.

This is how we go from concept to reality. Browse our digital lookbook to see what we can create for you.